We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

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Since our inception in 2016, we have evolved both in terms of team size and business. We dedicate this evolution to the character shown by each of us no matter what the situation has been.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is UX/UI so important?2019-06-24T19:11:21+05:30

Design and software is heavily based around user experience because it has become all about the consumer. So, it becomes very important to work very closely on UX/UI of your website or an app.

Is there any difference between UX and UI?2019-06-24T19:08:05+05:30

UX Design refers to the term User Experience Design, while UI Design stands for User Interface Design. Both elements are crucial to a product and work closely together. And UI design represents the cosmetics of the body–its presentation, its senses and reactions.

How does my business benefit from a custom software?2019-06-24T19:01:46+05:30

There are many ways your business benefits from using custom software:
1. Increase in overall efficiency.
2. Reducing the risk of human errors by reducing human involvement.
3. Reduction in costs of stationary and manpower.
4. Business automation which results in improved output.

Why do i need a website for my business?2019-06-24T18:57:29+05:30

Here, are some justifications which will help you to understand the importance of a website for your business:
1. For Small Businesses or Start-ups, it’s very important to give a very strong impression
to your investors and customers so that they are attracted to your business and
agree to trade with it.
2. Having a website will help you in getting more exposure and visibility than a business without a website.
3. Having a website helps you to cut down advertising costs, survey costs and to some extent
traveling expenses.
4. Setting up a website gives you a chance or an opportunity to prove your credibility
and increase your sales.
5. Websites help you to learn about your audience and many more

Do you work according to strict timelines and milestones?2019-06-24T18:52:05+05:30

Indeed, we do work under strict timelines and make sure that our client projects are delivered on or before time. We are able to achieve this due to our DevOps and Agile methodologies.

How do you assure client data confidentiality?2019-06-24T18:46:45+05:30

We do sign the Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements before taking the next step. All our team mates are officially bound by the company clauses and regulations.

Do you provide post-development maintenance services?2019-06-24T18:47:02+05:30

Indeed we do provide post development maintenance services; which includes front-end and back-end maintenance irrespective of your project.

Need Some Changes On My Web Site Or Template. Do You Provide That Service?2019-06-24T14:44:06+05:30

Yes! For one time changes, we will provide you with an estimate before beginning the work and charge at our standard hourly rate. If you anticipate regular needs for maintenance, one of our Ongoing Maintenance Plans may be more cost-effective for you.

What is the difference between Cross platform development vs Native App development?2019-06-24T14:42:55+05:30

Cross-platform technology provides a framework where one source-code ca be utilized to create the multi-platform application; mainly for iOS & Android. With native app development, we use default language and IDE for both iOS and Android, i.e. Objective-C/Swift with xCode for iOS and JAVA with Android studio for Android.

Which app project can be more skillful android or IOS?2019-06-24T14:42:05+05:30

Equally android marketplace and apple App-store are packed with race, where a component of compliance can terminate the project prospects. At the same time android has an 80% penetration at the smart-phone market; but iOS could be more prevalent among your target audience.

How Long Does It Take To Create A Website?2019-06-24T14:40:24+05:30

The length of time it takes to create a fully functional website is based on several factors. Custom design work can take anywhere from 1 – 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the number of revisions you require. The development phase requires an additional 1 – 6 weeks, depending on the number of pages, and the functionality required.

Can I See My Website While It is in Progress?2019-06-24T14:39:08+05:30

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. We build your website on our development server, and provide you with a username and password so that you can log in and monitor the progress of your site. During this phase, we encourage your feedback if something isn’t quite the way you envisioned it or if you have changed your mind. Once your site is ready and you have provided your approval, we release it live on your server and submit your domain name to the major search engines.

What Kind Of Technology Do You Support?2019-06-24T14:39:34+05:30

We specialize in all modern frameworks and languages required for developing full-stack projects

• Kotlin, Java, React Native
• Electron, Java Fx
• NodeJs, PHP, Firebase
• AngularJs, Ionic Framework, Bootstrap, WordPress, Unity, 3D’s Max

How it works?

It works simply with a belief that software development is not rocket science, it’s just computer science.

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