Nowadays a new term is coming up in the world of technology, i.e., Quantum Computing. But, what exactly is Quantum Computing?

Well, Quantum computing is the area of study focused on developing computer technology based on the principles of quantum theory, which explains the nature and behavior of energy and matter on the atomic and subatomic or the quantum level.

Let’s see how this new technology will bring a revolutionary change in our world :

1. Artificial Intelligence :

In AI, information processing is a very important part of machine learning. Quantum computers can analyze large quantities of data to provide artificial intelligence machines and also provides the feedback required to improve their performance. AI machines the work on the pieces of information provided by Quantum Computers can learn from experience and self-correct themselves. Hence, Quantum Computing will help artificial intelligence to bloom on a wider scale.

2. Online Security

Current online security methods take a large amount of time to decrypt the data as they need to perform many calculations or process a large amount of numerical data. But, a significant amount of work has been done in the world of quantum computers to develop quantum encryption methods like quantum key distribution, an ultra-secure communication method that requires a key to decipher a message. If the message gets intercepted, no one else can read it.

3. Control the Traffic

Nowadays one of the biggest challenges is to control the flow of a large amount of traffic and avoid congestions. Quantum Computing will quickly and effectively find out the optimal routes simultaneously which will allow efficient scheduling and reduce traffic congestion.

4. Improve Weather Forecasting

As quantum computers can analyze all the data at once, meteorologists will have a better idea of when bad weather will strike to alert people to save lives. With the help of Quantum Computers, we can get a better idea of how the climate is changing around us. The sooner we know how the changes are expected to turn, the better we will be prepared to face the consequences.

5. Troubleshoot the complete problem

As quantum computing is focused to work on the smallest level, the entire issues and problems can now be tackled at once instead of solving them one by one or bit by bit. Quantum computers give us the ability to solve complex problems that are beyond the capabilities of any traditional computer.

6. Fast & Efficient Medicine Development

Making new medicines or improvising the existing ones needs large chemical calculations of interactions between molecules, proteins, and chemicals. These calculations take a huge amount of time. Since Quantum Computers can review multiple molecules, proteins and chemicals simultaneously, they make it easier for the chemist to make life-saving drugs at a faster rate.

7. Personalized Medicines

Analyzing your DNA and your unique microbiome is crucial for future doctors to prescribe medicines that are perfectly made only for your body. While traditional supercomputers are successful in decoding DNA cost-effectively, the microbiome is still far beyond their reach. But, Quantum Computers can overcome this demerit and successfully analyze your microbiome and better-personalized medicines can be designed for you.

8. Advancement in Space Technology

The space telescopes collect a huge amount of imagery data every day which keeps tracks on activities of trillions of galaxies, stars, planets, and asteroids. Unfortunately, this is too much data for today’s supercomputers to make new discoveries on a regular basis. But, with a Quantum Computer joined with Machine-Learning, this information can be handled productively, opening the gateway to the discovery of hundreds to thousands of new planets day by day by the mid-2030s.

9. Real-time language translation

Quantum Computers will also enable near-perfect, real-time language translation between any two languages, either over a video call or through the use of an audio wearable or implant in your ear. Estimates show that in near about 20 years, the language will no longer be a barrier to business and everyday interactions. This will be a huge revolution in the world of trade and business and two foreigners completely unknown with the language of each other would also be able to build a partnership with each other without having language as the barrier.

10. Fundamental Science

The computing power these quantum computers will allow scientists and engineers to devise new chemicals and materials, as well as better functioning engines for various machines based on fast and complex calculations and functions.