Nowadays every Indian might be hearing the term, “JioGigaFiber”. You might also are being told to pre-register to get this JioGigaFiber , get its connection and, it has nice plans, etc. But, the question is what exactly is GigaFiber?

So let us break the term GigaFiber in 2 parts, Giga + Fiber. So, Giga here stands for the speed of connectivity/signal in gigabyte and fiber is the connection medium. So, basically it is a medium which will be providing very high-speed internet connectivity with speed in gigabytes through fiber optics cables.

Now, the question arises is how is GigaFiber it better from the existing system of internet connectivity and what changes will it bring in the way the internet is used? So, let us see the answer to the above question.

1. Ultra High-Speed Connectivity

With the installation of GigaFibers, the user will be getting tremendously high-speed internet connectivity, i.e, 1Gbps of downloading speed and uploading speed of 100Mbps. Now that pretty fast speed to download your favorite movies just in seconds or upload your huge chunks of data in clouds withing seconds which otherwise would have taken minutes to be downloaded or uploaded.

2. Less data loss

Since optical fiber cables are being used in the transmission of data, there is comparatively very less loss of data. This is because the cables are made of incredibly thin glass so the concept of Total Internal Reflection(TIR) can be applied here, i.e, light is used as a medium to transfer data so the amount of data sent from one end keeps on moving ahead using TIR and reaches to the finishing point or the receiver end without any loss in it and at very high speed.

3. Streaming in 4k/Ultra-HD will get easy

Now, if we will get ultra-speed connectivity with no loss in data, streaming videos in 4k or Ultra-HD will become easy because streaming videos in such high quality require a high amount of data and good speed and connectivity which we will be getting through GigaFibers.

4. International Calls will get cheaper

As with the installation of GigaFibers, there will be no or very loss of data and data will travel with a tremendously high speed, the cost of international voice and video calls will get cheaper and quality of calls will increase.

In India, according to the current JioGigaFiber plan for Jio Home Phone, the cost of international calls is one-fifth to one-tenth less than the existing industry tariffs.

5. A big revolution in the field of IoT

IoT stands for Internet of Things which means that appliances will can get connected to the internet. And once the appliances are connected to the network it can be operated from anywhere as per our convenience and requirements. Sitting in our office we can control the electric appliance in our home or without moving from your place you can turn on your TV just by giving a voice command or via any mobile app. So, by introducing GigaFibers in our daily life we’ll be surrounded by the smart bulb, smart TV, smart door or, in short, we will be living in a Smart House.

So, if the use of GigaFibers becomes a success and is spread globally it will be another huge phase of revolution in the field of technology.