When we hear the term VR or Virtual Reality the very first image that pops in our mind is of a whole new, different and beautiful gaming experience. But, if you see it from the business point of view, with VR solution, businesses can and are crafting user experience to life simulations in a risk-free and cost-effective way. VR could be a new boost to gear up your business and take a step ahead towards success.

Now, let us see how can this technology help you in your business :

1) Training :

One of the important keys to any successful business is the training of its employees. Pieces of training can include training like

  • Safety and Security
  • Sales
  • Business Skills like communication

Each of the above situations needs extra team, time and equipment. And, even then there are possibilities of some set back in execution in time of need like a sudden breakout of fire or, handling crowd in Friday Sales. So, to avoid this VR can be used to provide a simulated environment and then train the employees accordingly. It will make them completely ready to handle the situation when needed.

2) Prototyping

In manufacturing and production-based business, VR allows 3D stimulation of every part and mechanism and, inspects it for performance and reliability of the product under any circumstances without actually creating the full-scale working prototypes. And, hence here VR saves a huge amount of time and money which can be invested in any other part of the business.

In current days VR is widely being used in automotive industries. Architects have also started to use this technology widely. With the help of VRs, their perspectives can be presented to clients beautifully and improvements can be made to designs before the construction work has even started.

3) Customer Experience

The most important aspect of any successful business is positive customer experience and satisfaction. To achieve this, adding VRs for displaying your products and their features will give you an upper hand over other business groups following the traditional approaches. With the help of VRs customers will be able to visit digital showrooms and virtually try out products & services instead of just lying on a shelf like in any traditional store and also, compare the prices of every item before purchasing them. Customers can get a 360-degree tour and try out larger items like vehicles or houses before purchasing them from showrooms.

4) Recruitment

Recruitment interviews for remote job candidates can be improved by using Virtual Reality. Interviews took via video call acting unnaturally to pass the interview. But interviews set up in virtual environments can make the participant open up and encourage free-flowing conversations. Better evaluation of the candidate can be done during the hiring process by putting him through hands-on case studies and drills which will judge the immediate actions taken by the candidate to handle the situation.

VR can provide a more realistic view of the organizations and provides a better idea of what would it be like after joining there.

5) Business Meetings

In the world of business meetings where accurate information needs to be shared quickly, VR can play a vital role. Accurate information along physical scale models giving the best impression of the final product can be reviewed by experts jointly in the virtual space. If the experts would have been in different parts of the world, the information would have been hard to review if it would have been shared via a flat monitor screen and a voice on a telephone or Skype connection.

The presenter can move the participants to a specific location in the model and control the model scale and orientation. And if the presenter needs to direct the others’ attention toward a particular area it can easily be done.

From the above points and views, it can be concluded that integrating VR with business has the following advantages:

  • Saves money and time.
  • Create a positive customer experience.
  • Easy and accurate inspections of products.
  • Provides enhanced training to the employees.
  • Make business meetings interactive and more productive.
  • Showcase products and services in a detailed and interactive way.

Now, seeing such important advantages one can easily conclude that it would be a highly profitable choice to integrate VR with your small business.