With the outbreak of novel coronavirus affecting almost everything in the market, companies have mandated remote working or Work From Home for almost all employees to ensure their safety and well being. This is a good step taken by the companies but, for the employees who aren’t much used to working from home, it can be a bit challenging to turn their personal space into a professional environment.

Employees working from home need to create a strong scabbard to keep this double edge sword tact in it’s place. They need to have an organized workstation and, need to keep away from distractions like any household chores or a desire to watch your favorite show as you’re at home. Plus the isolation can immediately turn into a mope for those used to socialize at work. This might affect the productivity of employees in a negative way.

You can follow the tips given below to maintain and increase your productivity while you work from :

Choose dedicated workspace wisely

Choose a dedicated and comfortable workspace that is confined to a specific area in your home and does not obtrude into the daily routine of your family members and you can concentrate.

If you don’t have a separate room, make yourself comfortable at the corner of any room which is least used by your family and put on your headphones with some soft music. Studies have proved that soft music helps you to increase concentration and productivity in your work.

Start Early & Structure your day

Commuting from your home to office might help you to do away with your morning laziness but this won’t when you get to work from home. Getting out of your bed and sitting at work after your morning routine might be a bit difficult because of your morning sluggishness.

To avoid this plan your routine as you would have done in your office and stick to it. To make this productive dive into your to-do list as soon as you get up. This will help to keep your mind focused on your project and gradually make some productive progress throughout the day.

Don’t let loneliness crawl in you

It is important that you have some distractions around but, you must not let them mingle with your work. When you take a break doing something for fun helps to relive your stress making you fresh and motivated to start your work again. These activities can include petting your cat, chatting with your coworkers, carrying out your hobby or, playing some games. This keeps you indulged and doesn’t let you feel lonely while you work.

But, you must always keep in check that you don’t overspend your time in doing these activities as it might take you off your scheduling, destroying your work mood and you keep task pending for later. This can ruin your goal for the day.

Stay close to nature

Studies show that having plants in your workspace or, working near flora or, listening to a blend of soft music with soothing sounds of nature such as raindrops, birds chirping or ocean waves helps to calm you down and increase your concentration.

Some indoor plants are also found to purify the air around them and increase the level of oxygen in the air hence, giving you a fresh work environment that keeps you refreshed and motivated towards your work.

Do not over-work

Sometimes people get in their work while working from home that they forget the track time. Initially, they find this good but slowly they start slacking if they’re working remotely for a longer duration. This gradually decreases the productivity of their work.

So, one must set an alarm at the end of the day which would indicate that your normal work time for the day is getting over. This doesn’t mean that you need to stop at that exact moment but tells you that your working time is over and if you’ve met your goals for the day, it’s time for you to call it quits for the evening. This will keep you motivated towards your work for the next day and create a perfect work-life balance and also maintain the productivity of the work.

Now, these aren’t any hard and fast rules which you need to follow so that your work from home turns out to be a productive one. Although these tips work for many but chances are there they might not work for you. The important thing that these tips are summarizing is that you need to self-disciplined, happy, relaxed, and motivated in your workspace. Still, you can keep try these steps and also modify and experiment with them to find out what turns out to be the best way to keep you dedicated towards your work and maintain the productivity of your work when you work from home.